Tuesday, April 21, 2009


1) If Tony is going to be a villain, he should have remained a villain to the audience. I really thought he was a good guy and he got our hopes up and now he's a bad guy I am just depressed with his villain-ness.
2) He's still a really hot villain.
3) Letting Jack just have a seizure like that - terrible! Tony!
4) I like the sleazy/slutty lawyer. Like anyone believes she is a lawyer!
5) It has been too long since we have seen a cyanide-type capsule on the show. Those usually evoke drama.
6) I am really excited to see Jack's interrogation of Jonas Hodges next week. That will be really intense. I hope he makes that bastard cry.
7) Renee is a tough lady. She's had a rough day.

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All Things Red said...

1. I'm pissed about the Tony-villain-ness. My heart cannot take this yo-yo game!!!
2. I concur - very HOT villain!
3. That was just sick. It was disturbing enough to watch Jack have a seizure and then Tony was just so emotionless and cold...ugh.
4. I don't like her - but I DO like that she gave Hodges the cyanide pill and told him to do the right thing!
5. YES! We used to talk about the cyanide capsules all the time - I'm glad they had a comeback. PS - I'm sick and twisted!
6. How will have have an interrogation if he swallowed the cyanide??
7. I agree - I really like her and she's been through the ringer!