Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obnoxious Questions aka Small Talk

Small talk. We all hate it and yet it happens to everyone. I guess some people feel the need to blow past small talk and ask really personal questions. These are the people that shouldn't. These are the people who you knew like 10 years ago, or your cousin's friend's stepmom. Whatev.

Sample questions from people that are basically strangers that really annoy me:
"Where are you living? Do you rent or own?"
Ok- how is any of that your business? I feel like people only ask this so they can gossip about me later.

"Are you dating anyone (wait for answer) - when are you getting married?"
Get a life - if someone does not share this with you, you don't ask. Same goes for having kids.

"Salary or commission?"
I am FLOORED when people ask me this question. At this point, I start lying. "Oh, I am pulling in 6 figures..." Idiot!

Any questions drive you nuts?


B. said...

"When are you guys going to start having kids?"
Especially annoying when you are trying but not having much luck.

t.w.i.t. said...

Being pregnant, when people find out I have an 18-month-old already, they ask if we were "trying" to have another baby. I think that's rude, and I also think it conjures up an awkward visual.

All Things Red said...

Small talk is so lame, so very very lame!!!

Quiet Oasis said...

Are you planning on having more kids? (makes me feel like I'm selfish if I "only" want two)

How much did you pay for your house? (why do you care?)