Monday, March 2, 2009


Newly available on DVD: Changeling. I don't care if you are on Team Aniston - this is a good movie.

Quick synopsis: the movie is set in the 1920s California, a boy goes missing and Mz. Jolie goes a the hunt to find him. The authorities deliver her the wrong boy and when she claims it's not her son, they tell her she's just in shock and to take him home. As this spirals out of control, she finds herself up against a very corrupt police force and in a time when women should just "be quiet and mind their manners."

Some of this movie is pretty disturbing. Murders (of children), women's insane asylum complete with shock therapy, and John Malkovich (as a good guy!). It's also a long film, but since it's on DVD you can stop for bathroom and popcorn breaks.

I would recommend Changeling. Costuming and makeup are wonderful - 1920s stuff is just cool. It's Clint Eastwood film, so it's kind of depressing, but good, as Eastwood films are.


Lauren Tracy said...

Loved it!!! I really was blown away!

wrestling kitties said...

It sounded interesting enough. And of course I adore John Malkovich!