Wednesday, March 18, 2009


1) I am glad to see Morris return to 24 - we love Morris. So smart!
2) How funny was it when Chloe was mad at him for "rescuing" her? Typical Chloe.
3) The Senator Mayer situation was terrible! Just when Jack was trusting him and getting somewhere....sigh.
4) Best line of the episode: "Senator, if I wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead."
5) Runner up best line: "Trust isn't my strong suit."
6) Jack's fight scene with that bad dude from Starkwood was fantastic.
7) I hate Olivia. Where is the 1st gentleman - did he make it?

1 comment:

All Things Red said...

The first-daughter is ANNOYING and stupid - she needs to go.

I was happy to see Morris too!

I agree - what happened to the president's husband???

Jack was amazing with Senator Mayer!!!!!!!!!

PS - Get Tony INVOLVED - I want to see him!!!!!!!!