Thursday, August 28, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome Miss Sixx!

Welcome my friend Miss Sixx to blogger!
Miss Sixx is a Motley Crue reference, so you guessed it....she rocks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Assignment

Hi everyone, thank you for excusing my absence while on mini vacation. Next week starts my new project in Massillon, Ohio. Massillon is near Akron/Canton and is known for the Football Hall of Fame and it's high school football. Monday starts the adventure and updates will follow.

Reminder: GAF this weekend!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The German American Festival

The 2008 German American Festival is next weekend - August 22, 23, and 24. Try to control your excitement....

I know I don't have to explain to you how amazing the festival is, filled with German fun and culture, and how it's my favorite festival of the year, so I won't. However, I WILL tell you that shuttle buses are running so no one has to drive or pay for cabs. SO, your excuse of "it's too far out" or "I don't want to pay for a cab" is not valid. Click here to see the schedule...spoiler alert...the bus runs to and from Arnies!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poll: Constructive Hobby

Ok, I need a new constructive hobby to keep me busy during the week. This hobby needs to not involve food and also to be relatively cheap. What do you think I should pick up?

A) Start bag piping again (Although this may prove obnoxious seeing as how I live in hotels all week).
B) Knitting/Crochet (boring maybe).
C) Playing a less loud instrument.
D) MBA (oh wait, loans are expensive right?)
D) Your suggestions please.

Mamma Mia!

Wow - and I mean wow in the eye roll, head shake, sarcastic sense not in the, great movie, I'm glad I saw that in the theater sense. Mamma Mia was very successful as a Broadway play and they should have quit while they were ahead.

Being an ABBA fan, a musical fan, and liking scenery like the Greek Isles, I really thought I would enjoy this movie. However, what actually happened was that I could not wait for it to be over. The only actor that could actually sing was the daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls) and the rest just killed the songs, not to mention that most of the audience felt as if they could sing out loud and that would be kosher.

There were a series of older lady jokes, some dumb sex innuendos, followed by some girly cliches. At most points I was embarrassed for the characters. I was really hoping Stellan Skarsgård would just turn into Bootstrap Bill and Jack Sparrow would show up and save the movie day. Sigh. Total waste of a movie ticket for me.

Although the background of the Greek Isles is very beautiful, you are better off listening to The Best of ABBA and pounding some ouzo by yourself than seeing this flick.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm annoyed

Big time. My template (my perfect fantastic template! it was the best template for my blog) was not displaying properly so I tried to fix it. Well, I have been trying to fix it honestly all day. For now, my blog looks like this boring monstrosity. Today has not been the best day for Iris.

The Olympic Sport of Kayaking?

Have you been watching the Olympics? I love it! I just watched Men's Slalom Kayak and it was very exciting. Don't mistake me, I am a patriot and cheer always for the USA, but when the commentators give us an underdog story, I can't help but root for them. Benjamin Boukpeti won the bronze today for Togo in Kayak - the country's first Olympic medal ever....EVER. How nice!
Click here for up-to-date medal standings.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Blockbuster

Over the weekend, Saylor Day and I were talking about movies. The word "blockbuster" came up and she asked me what it meant exactly. My response was, "You know, the BLOCKBUSTERS!"

So, for Saylor:
Main Entry:
block·bust·er Listen to the pronunciation of blockbusterPronunciation:
Function: noun Usage: often attributive
1 : a very large high-explosive bomb
: one that is notably expensive, effective, successful, large, or extravagant blockbuster movie>
3 : one who engages in

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Made in China

Getting excited for the Olympics? On the Today Show (the other day), the crew showed us the 2008 Olympic medals - made in China! They are each the traditional gold, silver, and bronze, but also have a ring of jade in them. The precious stone symbolizes virtue and honor in the Chinese culture.
Click here for some Olympic medal trivia.

For Dr. Turtle

Today I visited the Columbus Zoo where they have quite an impressive aquarium. Dr. Turtle...for you!

P.S. I am totally excited to have uploaded this to YouTube!

Pineapple Express

Action. Drugs. Comedy (non-romantic). YES! Pineapple Express gets two thumbs up from me. This is definitely one of those movies that will get funnier and funnier as you watch it. There are so many little comments, looks, and background items that just crack you up.

Seth Rogen has the best voice for bellowing. I could listen to him yell all day. Even as an easy going, skeezy stoner, James Franco is somehow hot. Both characters are lovable and hilarious. Supporting cast and cameos are very enjoyable including Gary Cole (yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah Peter....). Go see it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Movies you hate to admit you love

Yes! I love this topic and AOL posted it today. Here is a list of movies they called "Guilty Pleasure Movies - 35 Flicks We're Embarrassed to Love." I have to say that I was right there with about 20 of them and was appalled that Footloose is considered a "bad" movie. Kevin Bacon's dance moves? C'mon!

What "bad" movies do you admit to loving?

The Hiltons are SALTY

Everyone has seen this commercial for John McCain. I just heard that the Hiltons (Mr. and Mrs.) contributed the MAXIMUM amount to McCain's campaign. Whoops. Someone on his PR staff got fired.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I found a station down here that actually plays Bob and Tom! Yesterday Frank Caliendo was on the show and I absolutely love him. I was so happy to have them back in my life. Also, I am happy not just to listen to the 3 country stations and the 1 all 80s station. YES!

Rachel Ray and other TV cooks

I really do like Rachel Ray but I think I liked her better in her earlier days. She says too much stuff like "Yum-o" and "figure-friendly" and other things that make me shut one eye and cringe. Regardless, I do like her and her meals. Yesterday, she made some Sloppy Buffalo Chicken Joes and they looked delicious. Click here for recipe.

I love Bobby Flay and his "Throw Down" challenges. He is fun and not cheesy.

Paula Deen makes some mean southern dishes, but I absolutely cannot stand watching her. She licks everything she creates, and makes this "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" noise when she does it. It totally grosses me out.

The Iron Chef competition is fantastic.

Ace of Cakes is amusing. I think the main cake guy Duff REALLY likes to party (that includes his entire staff).

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Happy Birthday to Red Daisy! Love you lots and miss you!

In honor of your day, here is a photo pictage of things you love. Hope your day was great...


I got my new car today. It's a new Jeep Compass, stone white with beige interior, moon roof and lots of options. I am very happy with my decision and love my new vehicle!