Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poll: Weddings 2008

How many weddings are you attending this year? Are you in any of them? Winner gets a prize.

For me, I think it is 6 this year (not a bridesmaid at all). Last year...13, not joking. I know this is really something for which to be thankful, to have friends and family, and I do feel blessed for that. Plus, I love weddings and there is free booze they are fun (except the bouquet toss, I hate that).

Now, I do want to start a movement that says if you are in a wedding, you should not have to give an actual wedding gift. Is that tacky? I mean, you already gave a shower gift (if not multiple or threw the shower) and if you are out of town, you have made several trips in. What do you think? Get out of the gift free card for the bridal party?


Rap really isn't my genre, but the song Low really makes me want to dance. It's catchy. I like it. Because I am so white and nerdy, it took me about two months to learn the lyrics to the chorus which made me curious to know the verse lyrics. Click here if you want to read all their tasteful glory (and the video, just in case YOU need to dance):

For Mickey D and her hubby

This little stand is a slice of heaven in Newark.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008 too?

Shia LeBeouf what's happening? You are an amazing actor with a crapton of money, don't get into drunk driving accidents. Hire a driver, especially if you admit you have a drinking problem.

I'm sad. Between you crashing and Christian Bale (allegedly) beating women, what celebrity am I supposed to be obsessed with now?

Step Brothers

Step Brothers is totally what you would expect - especially if you are expecting a bunch of cheap laughs, grade school humor, gratuitous swearing, and some classic Will Ferrell. I laughed out loud many times during this movie. The only mistake I made was seeing it by myself. I definitely think it would have been funnier if I would have had someone to laugh with me.

Side note: Someone in the audience was actually dumb enough to leave their phone on. To add to that, he ANSWERED his phone and talked loudly for a minute explaining that he was in a movie and he would call back later. "Maybe we can meet for dinner, yeah, sounds good. Oh, yeah it's funny....." SERIOUSLY?

Monday, July 28, 2008


Last night I had the best dinner ever. Seriously, I think I make that claim. DT and I went to a Brazilian steak house called Brazzaz downtown Chicago. I don't think vegetarians would be into this place, but for the rest of us it is just plain amazing.

You start out at a salad bar that if there was JUST this salad bar, I would have been happy. The ingredients were incredibly fresh, the variety vast, and even had sushi and lasagna (I know! on the salad bar).

We ordered a bottle of wine and as if that is not good enough, the waiter brought out a very cool, very fun, very functional decanter. It stood on the table with stainless steel legs, and the actual wine poured into a glass vase of sorts. It came out the bottom with the push of a lever. They don't put much wine in a bottle anymore do they?

Ok, so then each person has these "chips" that are different colors on either side, last night's case was black and orange. The black side said "No, thank you" and the orange side said, "Yes, please." When you flip to orange, you better be ready.

As soon as you are ready for the meat, waiters donned in traditional Brazilian gear come out with giant spits of roasted meats and saw you off a piece right there. You have some of your own tongs so you can just grab it. This is some of the best prepared meat I have ever had. The meats included: filet mignon, bacon wrapped tenderloin and chicken, pork tenderloin, sirloin, shrimp, ny strip, sausage, lamb, ribs, and some different varieties of a few. Oh, and you can get lobster if you want it. Seriously, it was crazy. They just keep coming around slicing you off a piece of the most succulent (I hate that word but it really fits here) meat until you turn over your chip.
I love stuff like this because it is sort of interactive dining (like fondue). The service was impeccable and the meal fabulous. It was a perfect evening. If you get the chance, go to one of these steakhouses, you will love it (unless you don't eat meat).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It goes both ways

One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are at a gas station, coffee shop, or any retail place and the employee ringing you up (aka taking your money) is on the phone/says nothing to you/has no personality. You can have people skills, you can say hello, you can smile and ask me the general questions. We don't have to be best friends, but at least acknowledge me.

Today I saw the opposite. I was at Wal-Mart (don't stone me) getting some misc. items and the person in front of me was totally ignoring the clerk. He was friendly and polite and she was, well...not. He said hello, and nothing, he gave her the total and she threw a bill on the belt, and then he even said thank you and she picked up her cell phone and walked away.

I was next and I felt bad for the guy so I was extra nice to him. He definitely thought I was hitting on him because I may or may not have laid it on too thick trying to overcompensate for the jerk ahead of me.

Why can't we all just get along?

Nerdy...but cool

I can say with honesty that I did not know about this film until I saw the previews on tv - so that makes me not as nerdy as I could be. But still nerdy because I am blogging about it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
will be in theaters in August. This animated film (I know, animated) lies sequentially between episodes II and III. The website for this movie is pretty cool and I must say that I am interested (although taking my grade school cousins will be the excuse I have to go see it).

See IMDB for more info and actor's voices.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Newark Adventures - Week 6

I missed the week 5 update, but nothing earth shattering happened. Here is the mid-week update and some from last week.

Everyone (well every high school student) in Newark paints their car. Somebody loves someone, this person is a senior, #3 short stop, blah blah. Reminds me of the "Who Farted" incident on my yellow beetle.

I have been seeing these yard signs and finally got around to looking it up: This site is for an independent, non-denominational church called Narrow Road Community Church. Nice to see that it is actually that Jesus does love Nerk some crazy gothic worship site.

A recent Chinese buffet experience had me misreading all kinds of signs. I was clearly not paying attention to what I was doing, the nice bus boy was trying to alert me but he didn't speak English, he was just stuttering and waving at me. So, I smiled and waved back.....just as I walked into the men's room. Staring at the urinal, I realized that the bus boy was trying to warn me. I spun quickly around and there he stood. He put both palms up in the air and shrugged, like, "I tried to tell you." I'm a moron and do not know the hand signals for "That's the men's room lady!" At least no one was in there.

Photo Parade #2

Superhero - Gotham's White Knight

I can't help it....

In a word.....FANTASTIC

Dark Knight, amidst all the hype, did NOT disappoint. I was entertained the entire time and really ran through a range of emotion: excitement, sympathy, disgust, fear, nervousness, and, well, awe. LOVED IT. I found myself saying, "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

Most hilarious cameo....Anthony Michael Hall as the reporter
Grossest cameo.....the cell phone (you know if you've seen the movie)
Best performance....Heath Ledger as the Joker
Hottest Bat ever....I think you know
Coolest bat-thing....motorcycle that catapults out of the Batmobile

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Skyline Experience

Yesterday I had my first experience at Skyline Chili. It's hard to believe I have made it this long without having eaten there, but now I can cross it off my list.

The menu has other items, but I think people only get coneys or the chili on spaghetti...3-way as it's branded there (spaghetti, chili, and a MOUNTAIN of cheese). You can get a 4-way (add onions) and of course a 5-way (all of the above plus beans). I tried my best and got a salad (yes, they have those there, also with a MOUNTAIN of cheese - I pulled it off in handfuls) and a small 5-way.

It was good, but I am not dying to go back. Something about the fact that the chili is actually not really chili like we know it, it is really smooth and has sweetness to it (cinnamon and chocolate are rumored to be ingredients). I prefer chili to be chunky and have some nutritional value. Let's just say, it's no Tony Packo's.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For participation in Dr. Turtle's photo parade

Thanks Dr. Turtle for starting this photo parade. This photo I took represents "excitement" for a few reasons:
1) The obvious excitement of getting to eat cake.
2) The excitement and celebration of a new marriage.
3) The excitement over the open bar.
4) The excitement/anticipation of the guesses to see who knows whose wedding cake this is (several of you fellow bloggers were at this reception).

Overheard Lines....

Be careful what you say to Hurley, because he will repeat it....he will repeat it in written format to Overheard Lines (a great blog).

Go to Overheard Lines and read post entitled: "Probably Not The Girl In The Last Post." At least it's always funny.

We need Mr. Fusion

Know what I mean? Mr. Fusion....a wonderful invention from Doc Brown at the end of BTTF I. This machine converts basic garbage to fuel for a vehicle (in this case, a time-traveling DeLorean).I found a flight to Chicago from Columbus (1 hr. from Newark) for $198. This is actually cheaper (and a hellavua lot faster) than driving. I know because I figured it out myself. Here is my formula: 800 miles total @ 4 million dollars per gallon + tolls = ridiculous (you can't find that equation in an Algebra text book, it's a new one).

Doc, we need you.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caution: High Heels ahead

Saturday night's event was a wedding (one of many this summer). I was proud of myself for having kept on my shoes for most of the reception. Just as I couldn't take it anymore, I changed into flip flops, went back to the dance floor and was assaulted by a sky high stilletto to the second toe. Holy crap. Now, getting your foot stepped on hurts, but when it is concentrated into a small point of a spiked heel DIRECTLY onto your toe, you feel it.

And you still feel it days later. My toe might be broken and it certainly is bruised and swollen. We will chalk this one up to a "Party injury."

Wendy...get your sh*@ together

Ok Wendy's, you know I will always come around for your chili with hot sauce and side salad, but what's up with your "Garden Sensations?" Nice way of masking fat as an enticing nutritious salad.

If you get the new Mandarin Chicken salad (grilled chicken) it adds up to 540 calories, 25 grams of fat, and 50 grams of carbs. Yeah, for a flippin salad. If you get the fried chicken add 100 calories and 10 more grams of fat. Now, if you don't eat the rice noodles, almonds, and have half the dressing, YOU HAVE A REALLY GROSS SALAD.

C'mon Wendy, you can do it. Make a salad that tastes good and is under 10 grams of fat. You can do it.....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Club

I had no idea these still existed. I also had no idea that anyone would want to steal a baby blue 1980-ish Plymouth Reliant from the Clarion Hotel parking lot in Toledo.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Pedicure

Is anyone else tired of "grooming" their feet? Every day, I have to pumice and then lotion and then paint and then....well you get the picture. Even if you get a pedicure, it only lasts about a week. I'm not talking the polish, I mean the softness of your feet.

Something should be invented that would let us not have to maintain our feet daily. The "SUPERPEDI!" That would be great. I would pay several hundred dollars if I could go once a season to get a superpedi and my feet look great for a few months.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day

#1 Today I heard a Newark teenager say, "Oh my GAWD, that's the bomb-dot-com!"

I think she was serious.

#2 Also, I had an appointment to meet with the manager at Sonic yesterday. I went to go in the restaurant and little did I know that you CANNOT go in. A tall, wispy, teenager on roller skates slides over to me and asks me if HE can help (calls me ma'am). "Yes, I have an appointment with Tiffany," I say. Terry (ala Reno 911) says to me, "Oh, you have an interview, hang on!" and rolls away. Smile.

I think we found a winner

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesse Jackson...don't you wish you had a rewind button?

Tell me what you think about all this. For me, it really shows that we can NEVER believe who is backing whom and for what reasons.


"Speaking near a Fox News microphone that he thought was turned off, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson on Sunday disparaged Sen. Barack Obama's embrace of faith-based social services, using crude language to suggest that he wanted to castrate the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee."

Full story here.

A confused sleepy person? Dangerous....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Saylor Day...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Heidi!! Love you lots!

Here is some toile to help you celebrate your day:

Newark Adventures - Week 4

Mid-week update:
I still have not eaten at ANY Chinese buffets this week. I actually found some variety off the beaten path in the form of a Greek restaurant AND an Indian restaurant right next to each other.

Actual picture from the Greek restaurant.

In this odd little plaza was also a store called, "Doggy Style: Self Serve Dog Wash." Fo reals.

Misc: Today I visited the OSU Newark campus (Go Buckeyes!), there were severe thunderstorms, met with another client in his home and the dog licked me the entire time (uncomfortable), my GPS has been spot on and the Basket remains the same.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Finally! I can join the rest of civilization and say that I have been to a Costco. Over the weekend, I went to the bulk superstore and was really surprised at what was there. It is miscellaneous in the fact that you can buy men's pants and also fresh produce but it didn't creep me out like Wal-Mart (maybe because I thought the quality was way better).

Costco is a great place to shop if you are having a party or need supplies for a while. Oh, and you can buy a car there (seriously, you can.) With free samples galore, nice people, and clean bathrooms, I would say that Costco gets two thumbs up.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Let's talk soap

Liquid soap is where it's at for me. Bar soap always dries out my skin and I can never hold onto it in the shower. I was under the impression that only boys used bar soap anymore, but my neighbor Chesty Chong informed me that she hates liquid soap and feels like it doesn't clean you like bar soap.

Bar or liquid?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Newark Adventures - Week 3

This was a short week because of the holiday, and because of the holiday it seems that no one is working.

Usually my appointments are at businesses, but one this week led me to a house. As I walked up to the door, I hear giant barks no doubt coming from a beast that lives inside. Well, I met with my customer in the office area so the beast could not get to us. However, he had to go into the beast area for something, left the door open and not one, but TWO beasts came flying out of the room and directly to me (black skirt, patent leather high heels = not good). The beasts almost killed me by licking my legs and shoes. I was trying to be nice so I made dumb comments like "OH, the dogs have curly hair like me..ha ha." The beasts were giant poodle like things with dark curly hair. It was the only joke I could make and not seem like I was a dog hater. UNCOMFORTABLE.

My GPS failed me a few times this week. I know, I know. DISAPPOINTING. There were two occasions where I found myself in a field or a parking lot and it was supposed to be a street....recalculating. However, the GPS makes up for it with his comedy. Just before turning on Irving Wick Drive (Dr. as it was listed), GPS tells me to "Turn left on Irving Wick Doctor." HAHAH, ok Marty (that's his name when I use the Australian voice).

Biggest accomplishment of the week: I did not eat at ONE Chinese buffet.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It puts the lotion on

Today I found myself in a pickle as I was TOTALLY (and I mean totally) out of conditioner. It was a day where it was 100% necessary to wash my hair so again, I had no choice. Wash and no condition? C'mon, don't even say it to my hair. That is just awful. So, I used lotion. Yes, hand lotion as a substitute for conditioner.

The result? Not bad. I would recommend to use this in such a pickle. Now, I can only recommend this to those that have thick, coarse and most definitely curly hair. If your hair gets greasy in one day, this may not be a good solution for you.

Edited for Television

I have seen Teen Wolf about 50 times, no exaggeration. What I have NOT seen is the unedited version until last night. There are more scenes, nudity, and Styles's shirts are just fantastic (What are you looking at D*@knose?). If your family recorded movies off TV to VHS also, do yourself a favor and go rent your favorites on DVD. You may connect some of the dots from your old favorite classics.

"Give me a keg of beer.....and these."