Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm a bad ass wrapper

'Tis the season to wrap presents, and I absolutely love wrapping presents. I find it fun and can produce pretty much perfectly wrapped gifts, which is why this commercial caught my eye. The correct tools are essential to wrapping the perfect present and I think these may be worth the investment:


Mickey D. said...

I got that for my mom one year. She loved it!

I don't think you can determine the length of the tape though? At least you couldn't before. Maybe they've revolutionized it since then?

I like to wrap gifts too. But I'm not quite at "bad ass wrapper" status yet.

Lauren said...

I love wrapping gifts ALMOST as much as I love good smelling soaps, and countersprays. I just got done wrapping up the gifts that I got for the child O and I sponsored, and pretty much hummed carols while doing so!

wrestling kitties said...

Oh my goodness...that is awesome, I would like one!

But question, if I would wear it, what level of dork do you think that would bump me up too?!

All Things Red said...

You know you're getting old when you refer to yourself as a "Bad Ass WRAPPER" - but I love it! Wrapping presents is fun!

Anonymous said...

i have that cutter thing--- it is FANTASTIC. the best $3 i ever spent. now i need to get my hands on that tape-thingie.

BTW, i'm with ya... i absolutely LOVE wrapping presents. I will wrap a gift card, just so i can wrap SOMETHING!!!