Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Didn't Sell Me, Bucko

This morning at the Toledo Club, I was privy enough to attend a little seminar entitled: Selling in a Weak Economy. The first speaker was a woman from UT, very polished, good presentation. The second person, however lost me at hello.

He was the typical used car sales man type, good ol' boys, cliche' kind of man's man. In the first three minutes, he totally turned me off. His topic should have been called, "How to offend Women and make sure they know that Sales is a Man's world and to get back in the Kitchen where they belong."

He starts by asking us if we know what our company's elevator pitch is (we all know this and have delivered it a million times). Mr. Man calls on another Big Burly guy and says, "What do you say to another guy you meet at a cocktail party right away? How's business? What do you do for a living?" Then he proceeds to say, and I am not joking, "Ladies might be a little slower on the draw for this one, but guys always talk business."

Seriously. You lost me. As if you ever had me with a short-sleeved dress shirt on. It took every bit of me not to laugh out loud. Every.single.inch. Wow.


Trophy Life said...

ugh! sounds like a monumental waste of time!

TLC said...

ugh. what a pig. i would have had a hard time not raising my hand and questioning him on his blatant sexism right then and there.

then again, i'm feeling a bit cranky today too. :)

Ms. Bee said...

My bff is a sales leader at Yellowbook and deals with this type of guy and his friends ALL the time.

Mickey D. said...

Barf. Who booked that clown?

Anonymous said...

I love the title..."you didn't sell me Bucko!!" LOL --Would have loved to heard this one!! Bridge