Wednesday, November 26, 2008

(Weird) people love me

Today at the gas station ($1.58!) I found myself in a small talk situation with a he-man woman hater. This older gentleman (around 60s), who happened to have a black eye, pulled up in the filling station that butted up against mine, got out of his pickup (complete with hop-cap) and slammed his door.

Black-eye: "MAN ALIVE! I don't mean to pick on your gender, but women are idiots!"
Me: Oh? (apparently I am an idiot too).
Black-eye: "I mean, this idiot woman, no offense, just blocked three pumps with her jalopy to get $4.00 worth of gas!" But no offense....
Me: "Was she blonde?"
BE: "Yes, what an idiot!" I guess me missed my sarcasm here.
Black-eye goes on and on the entire time it takes to fill my Jeep Compass telling me why women are idiot drivers and how gas used to be 25 cents. After listening to what rivaled a homily in length and boringness, I get into my car.
BE: "Have a nice Thanksgiving!"

I think I have missed my calling to be a psychiatrist.


Ms. Bee said...

I think you miss a lot of opportunities to have quality lovers.

All Things Red said...

You always find the crazies and the rudest people EVER!! Sorry you have to take people's crap, but I'm glad you always find the humor in it! :)

The Diva said...

What's even better is that I can totally imagine the whole conversation. In fact, I can hear you speaking. That makes me laugh a little more.