Friday, November 7, 2008

Trashy Customer Service

Last night we watched the poor Browns lose a game they should have won at 6-pack on Sylvania Avenue. Although it was nice to see Brady Quinn playing, the Browns just didn't close the deal.

Anyway, Dad, the Shark, and I went to the bar because the game was not on regular TV (that's crap by the way, and an entirely different story). Toward the end of the game, my Dad really wanted some popcorn, or pretzels, or whatever. Light fare, as he put it. The waitress gave us a menu that highlighted nachos, chicken wings, and all things fried, none of which would have fallen into the popcorn category.

So, she comes back around and asks us if we want to order anything. Politely, we decline. Dad says again, "I really just wanted some popcorn or something light." She thinks for a moment, and as if a light bulb goes off in her head, pipes us and tells us a customer was in earlier with a bag of popcorn. She knows it was wrapped in plastic and should be at the top of the garbage can. "I can go get it out of the trash if you want it." This was a serious offer. "No, uh, um, thank you." Smile.

She walks away and my Dad mouths, ""

Now, that's customer service.


TLC said...

oh. my. god.

really? that was the best this dumbass "waitress" (and yes, i'm using that term lightly) could come up with?

it's a BAR! one would think peanuts, pretzels and/or popcorn would be readily available.


Ms. Bee said...

Only "clean" popcorn for you guys? You're too high class for me.

Mickey D. said...

Guess he didn't want THAT bad then. It was wrapped in plastic after all.

Her mistake was telling you it was in the garbage. If she just said, "I think we have some in the back", your Dad would have giggled like a school girl. (I don't know him, but I can only assume he would have been excited.)

I would probably eat popcorn out of the garbage. I have a sick addiction to it.

wrestling kitties said...

haha! Awesome. But I can see the next thing being, but we don't have a microwave but here is the plastic wrapped bag of popcorn from our trash can. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

does this mean that you and jimbo cruised thru taco bell on the late night tip?

Mustache said...

One of the WT guys getting totally hammered who was sitting in front of us looked back at me when the waitress was talking about the popcorn. He vigorously shook his pony tailed, tattooed head as a warning and mouthed "NO! It's really bad". Thanks for the advice......unless he wanted it all for himself. Hmmmm

A. said...

This is the best story I've heard in quite awhile! I can't imagine how I would have reacted in that situation!

B. said...

Don't be hard on the Browns it is hard to figure out what a team with no running backs is going to do. It is also hard to choose which play to call when you need 1 yard for a first down.
I think the popcorn would have been delicious. Where did it originate? What about the Nachos on the menu? I am sure that they don't come already with cheese and toppings on them, and they fit as whatever, I think.

Iris Took said...

B, sorry, I wasn't hating on the Browns. I always feel bad for my Dad and all the other die-hard fans when the Browns lose like that.

B. said...

No it is quite alright that you may have been hating on the Browns. I did say that kind of sarcastically. How do you not run it on that final drive and get the one yard for the first down. Also How do you not stop the pass when the other team has no RB.
On a side note a friend went to the game and heard a father tell his son
to "get used to it"

Anonymous said...

Poor Browns, however, it is very indicitive of when Couch was quarterback!! More importanty..... I CANNOT believe your waitress offered you and your dad popcorn from the garbage.... WORST WAITRESS EVER!! Bridge