Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toledo Bullfrogs

Toledo's Arena Football Team name was announced yesterday as the Toledo Bullfrogs. Read the Blade article here. What do you think of the new name? Do we get to throw frogs out on the field at halftime?


TLC said...


yep, those are some tough frogs out there.

really. the walleyes and the bullfrogs. geesh.

Ms. Bee said...

I was a mule in high school so anything is an upgrade to me.

Anonymous said...

WoW. I thought Toledo had it in them to pick a name that would inflict a little fear in the hearts of the opposing teams. I understand the concept of appealing to the mass market, in this case af2 appealing to families. And if this is the case then you want a weak little frog to be your mascot. But as someone commented already, the Bullfrogs and the Walleyes, geesh. I think the only thing more scary than those names is another term of Finkbeiner antics.

Anonymous said...

i think the shot, "horny bullfrog" is about to get real popular


wrestling kitties said...

I personally think they should have gone with The Toledo Toads...I mean toads are more land animals over frogs anyways.

And could these be any cheesier lines in the blade (the answer I am looking for is no).

"With a hop, croak and a jump, the nickname of Toledo's expansion arenafootball2 franchise, the Bullfrogs, was officially unveiled" A CROAK! Do we want them to croak!

"Gerken called the nickname a "hoppingly smart choice," adding, "and that's no bull.""


The Diva said...

I'm pretty sure PETA would love for us to throw frogs.

All Things Red said...

Toledo had 2 great opportunities to name 2 brand new teams......Walleye and Bullfrogs?? Really?? I guess Bullfrogs are better than Walleye at least......and they kind of tie to the frog theme in Toledo, but.....who's runnin' the show up there?!