Monday, November 17, 2008

Help me understand, Ed

I realize that I live in Toledo, OH, will never be filthy rich and what I deem luxury, others do not. That being said, can ANYONE tell me why in the world someone would pay $188 for a flipping t-shirt? I just cannot understand why I see people running around TOLEDO in Ed Hardy shirts that cost 600% more than what it costs for production. Are they that cool? Do the proceeds go to some great cause of which I am not aware?

Charging this much for "designer" clothes makes me sick. What makes me sicker is that the shirts are basically see-through and you probably have to get them dry cleaned. Barf. Call me a hater. I won't be donning Ed Hardy just to fit in or be cool. I am going to rock my Isaac Mizrahi Target (read Tar-szhea) special from the clearance rack so I can afford another Put-In-Bay trip next summer.


Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Are they knock-offs they're wearing?

I am in complete agreement. $188 for a t-shirt is insanity. It's almost embarrassing. Like, I'm EMBARRASSED that there are people whose self worth apparently comes from spending 1/3 of their week's wages on a t-shirt.

Skulls are out, anyway.

All Things Red said...

I completely agree with you Iris! That is obsurd and quite honestly it says a lot about the person that would actually spend that kind of money for a shirt.

There are 3 possibilities about why a person would do this:

1. Their ego is so inflated that I'm surprised that their head fits through the door and they think that anything less would be beneath them.

2. They are so damn insecure that they think they need to buy fancy and ridiculous clothes to impress people and 'buy' friends.

3. They are the biggest financial moron and are just spending money they don't have on credit cards, just to turn around and file for bankruptcy and make the rest of us pay for their stupid expensive shirts (I hear Suze Orman yelling in the background!).

Whattya think of my theories??

wrestling kitties said...

Agree with all three, all things red!

Even if I had the money, I would never buy a t-shirt that expensive! People just feel it neccessary to live SO outside their means because they see some celebrity doing it and think they can to or think that by having that expensive stuff it means they are somebody. idiots.

The Diva said...

I've never understood that mentality. My mama taught me to shop on clearance racks. I have a problem even spending $50 on an item of clothing.

As the wise Gretchen Wilson said:
I can buy the same damn thing
On a Wal-Mart shelf half-price.

Anonymous said...

Amen for Tar-szhea!!! I think you have the right idea....I would much rather go to the value stores and be able to spend my money on making memories than on material drabble!

t.w.i.t. said...

Those shirts are ugly anyway. They certainly fit the description of a short-lived trend: hideous and overpriced. (See also: Uggs.)

Anonymous said...

Remember when uncle Chris got all those t-shirts @ Belchures auction @ the lake. Chris'Check this out.' Showing all of us a paper bag full of used t-shirts. 'I got all of these for A Buck!!'

Mr. 'For a Beer'