Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tell me about your dreams. I don't mean that you want to be an astronaut when you grow up, but what you dream when you sleep. Do you dream in color, are they pleasant, etc...

Typically, I have very vivid intense dreams that sometimes make sense and sometimes are so bizarre I would be really hesitant to tell anyone about them. Often, they are terrifying but I realize they are a dream and I can wake myself up to escape. For instance, last night I dreamt that someone (someone I know) was trying to kill me and while trying to escape I jumped into my bed. In my bed, I found an already dead body. The smell and color of the blood were so vivid it made me almost sick. When I woke myself up, I was so panicked and out of breath, it seemed real and I was still scared.

Sound familiar to anyone?


A. said...

Oh boy. I have crazy, crazy dreams. I dream in color and I hear conversations and they are weird. They seem to go on forever and I usually remember them. I have repeating dreams (two I can remember having since junior high). A lot of times they are freaky or scary. Very rarely are they about something I feel comfortable repeating.

Last night's were just weird - I dreamed that B. and I were bowling with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble and were upset because they were totally going to beat us since they've been bowling since the Stone Age.

I also dreamed that B. told me that someone we know (a guy) had s*x with the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback (but not Carson or his replacement) in a car in the park at the end of our street.

Sometimes my dreams are so real that I think they are real through the day. That last one, not so much.

All Things Red said...

Good question for Dr. Sleepy-Spaz! I haven't had many dreams that were as vivid as yours, or as detailed. I think you have an extremely interesting brain and you should donate it to science when you die so they can figure out what's going on!!

I miss your crazy dream stories, Iris!

Nadja said...

I have such vivid dreams that they make me feel weird all day sometimes.

One of my favorite random ones though is when I was tubing with LeBron James.

Janis said...

I had a dream last night that everyone including my dog was getting stung by yellow jackets. Then I went to a high school football game and kept running into random people from my present and past. The mascot was a teen boy dressed sorta like a bulldog and he was being dragged around by his father with a chain around his neck. For some reason I was eating grilled Salmon at the football game.

Trophy Life said...

lately i have had real/vivid reoccurring dreams about my long-term ex boyfriend. it's always the same - some basis of being jealous that i'm not married to him. darn that subconscious! ; )
also, i'm NOT kidding, i had a dream a couple of weeks ago about Atheena Bee's - she was allowed to wear make-up at the age of 1 and i was appalled!!

Anonymous said...

my dreams are very vivid, and in color with surround sound :). but seriously, i dream crazy shit. ever since 9/11 i dream about planes crashing in the most random of places... MSU campus, Clark Lake, outside my apartment. I also tend to dream about going on vacation/moving. I'm always trying to pack a lot of shit, but run out of time, or can't fit it all, or it's too much for the plane, etc. I used to keep a dream diary, now I check out the dream dictionary when I arise. The symbolism is pretty spot on most of the time.

ps... i love dreams. its like going on an adventure every night and i always look forward to them. Some nights I can psych myself back into my dreams if i wake up to go to the bathroom or eat chocolate :)