Friday, November 14, 2008

BJ's Blogworthy Thought of the Day

My crazy friend BJ will often call me and ask me a question and then tell me that he thinks it is blogworthy. Our discussion (via text) is definitely blogworthy, so here it is...

His question: What are the words to "here comes the bride" and why don't we sing it at weddings?

Well, my short answer is that is extremely tacky and no one should sing at the ceremony unless they are a hired soloist. I couldn't find words to "Here Comes the Bride.." although in my head I hear "fair, fat and wide..." but I did find an interesting article about the history of the Bridal Processional.

The processional piece is from Lohengrin, an opera written by German composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner, is from the part of the opera when the bride is sitting in the bridal chambers just after the wedding ceremony. The ironic part about so many people using this piece, is that is opera ends in tragedy as the marriage of Lohengrin and Elsa is a total disaster and ends shortly after it begins. Some churches even refuse to play it since it is a secular piece and symbolizes the failure of a marriage.

Moral of the story and the point of our research, is to not play the Bridal Processional at your wedding and stick with the Pachelbel.


TLC said...

whew! i'm so happy i went w/ Pachelbel when i got married! :)

wrestling kitties said...

HA! I think the same thing with the words! I love that you discuss blogworthy topics!

We were not allowed to have the bridal march at our church…I am Catholic though so no surprise there. For my entrance I had Bach, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and the bridesmaids had Pachelbel Canon in D. When I heard the Bach song the first time a cried and no joke I STILL cry when I hear either or both of these songs! I actually cried at work today because I heard that Christmas Canon and it has the canon in D in it. (I am a baby – yes, I know this. And I also cry at commercials, emails, or when my husband surprises me with a can of Sunkist….I may have a problem.)

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I believe THESE are the lyrics I went with as a child:

"Here comes the bride,
all dressed in white,
Where is the groom?
He's in his dressing room.
Why is he there?
He lost his underwear."


I believe we did Cannon in D, though I can't be for certain... It's been a while.

All Things Red said...

I didn't use it for my wedding either - I think I had Canon in D and something else for the bridesmaids. I just thought it was too cliche to use it!

On a semi-not-related sidenote - for my wedding I found a really cool Native American blessing/poem that I wanted read at my wedding, but our pastor said no because Native Americans aren't Christians and he wouldn't have it read in his church. I guess I wasn't really thinking about it, but it makes sense.

All Things Red said...

PS - You've had great conversation-starters as blog topics lately - LOVE IT!

Ms. Bee said...

No, it's:
Here comes the bride
Big, fat and wide.

Here comes the groom
Skinny as a broom.

You guys don't know anything.

Anonymous said...

First off, I didn't know that song had any other words besides repeating here comes the bride, here comes the bride.....I=idiot. Second, thanks for the info. I will not play that song if I ever get married!!!!

Anonymous said...

HOLLLAAA!!! we played pachelbel at our wedding on the beach... such a beautiful melody!

BTW, i'm glad my bro inspires you so.