Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who you calling a ho?


This weekend my sister, aunt and I were having a discussing on the ever pressing topic: are nude hose ok to wear? Is this a fashion blunder? Now, let's all agree that NO hose are acceptable to wear when one has on open toed shoes or sandals. Just say no. Also, the general rule is that your hose (if nude is the shade) need to SOMEWHAT match your skin tone. Orange legs, white arms = disaster.

I said that I think it is perfectly fine to wear a very, very sheer skin tone complimentary shaded version of the stocking in a professional setting. My sister disagreed. At a wedding or going out, just go bare. Sister agrees. Sheer black is preferred, but if you wear nude you are not committing any crimes, right?

Please weigh in on this. I wish I could call Stacy and Clinton.


Dr. Turtle said...

I hate hose, BUT in a professional setting, I think nude is very appropriate. I couldn't tell you the last time I wore them, as I'll opt for pants 99.9% of the time (at work).

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

Disclaimer: I loathe hose and don't think I've worn a pair since my 8th grade confirmation.

However, that said - in some formal work environments, I think hose are completely ok. For example: corporate jobs, say for example if you're a judge, etc.

It is NEVER, EVER ok - however, to wear open-toed shoes with ANY color of hose on.

Also, it is NEVER OK, to wear super-tan brown hose when you're a pink freckly person. I think the goal is to make your legs look the same color as your arms.

And black hose? I can totally get behind black-hose-esque trouser socks. And, those sexy thigh-high ones, but hose just for hose? Blech.

All Things Red said...

I'm all for trouser socks (since I wear pants all the time, basically). But for dresses/skirts, black hose are good.

I agree with everyone else - NEVER wear hose of any kind with open-toed shoes.

And skin-colored hose should closely match your natural skin color and then they're fine in work settings.

Dri said...

I struggle with this, too.

I want to be able to wear skirts and dresses to work in the winter time in Ohio - it's cold, therefore wear nude hose if black won't go with the outfit, right?? That's what I used to think, although I (used to) watch What Not to Wear religiously and they NEVER had anyone in nude hose. (Or colored for that matter, did they?) If someone came to work with nude hose on I'd probably be like, "Why are they wearing hose?" But what else is a girl to do in Ohio?

I want them to do a show for those of us who have two/three temperatures and seasons to deal with. How about cold weather clothes and then we come back and they teach us how to do warm weather clothes, too? And maybe how to mix and match both seasons to create Fall/Spring clothes.

Long, rambling post. Sorry.

Ms. Bee said...

Most people have icky leg skin... sitting at a meeting for everyone to stare at your leg skin in not a professional look.

This fall, colored hose with open-toed platforms is in style... one I will not partake in, but acceptable in fashion none the less.

I will have a hose question myself here shortly, so please answer mine too...

Anonymous said...

Leg skin! Ewwwww. But I agree.

Great responses. I am clearer now in the hose department.


t.w.i.t. said...

I love the look of tights. I know I'm in the minority here, but I endorse the look of tights with open-toed shoes (the look Nadja was describing) IF the toe is seamless. THAT makes all the difference.

But, if you find tights to be juvenile, I suppose I'd be okay with nude nylons. As long as they're not the opaque, tan, shimmery, dancer kind.