Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin...the new Jackie O?

Are you following this? Apparently, Sarah Palin's campaign wardrobe cost around $150,000 and was funded by the Republican National Committee (slideshow of latest wardrobe here, story here). The Committee reports that the duds are being donated to charity when the campaign is over.

My thoughts:
1) Who cares! Seriously, if the RNC wants to use their dollars to fund their "spokesperson" go ahead. She looks great, I doubt if wearing a parka or a hockey jersey would look as good.
2) So she shopped at Saks and Neiman Marcus, so what? Ok, like Mrs. Palin would be rockin' a $49.99 special from Kohl's by Daisy Fuentes or Apt. 9. I don't think so. Can you imagine the secret service chatter? "We're in Juniors, no, jewelery, men's, all the departments run together!"
3) She would be under so much fire if she didn't look perfect, and let's face it, she looks perfect.
4) What if she and Johnny Boy get elected? Then do the clothes get donated? Then what?

Partisianship aside, Sarah Palin, I commend you on your wardrobe. You have perfected the look that is both professional and feminine. God bless America.


Lauren said...

I for one LOVE Sarah Palin. I know, it is a rare opinion... For one thing, I appreciate that she does express her femininity. I think that this makes her a more realistic role model for the average girl. She seems down to earth, and has accomplished quite a bit in her political career (whether you think she should be vp or not.) My cousin works for her after working with many senators, and current vp, Cheney. He says that she is BY FAR the most modest and down to earth person that he has worked for... Good for her! Hopefully she doesn't abandon this humble attitude! I hate to play the gender card, but... I feel that she is being targeted 10 times more than any of the three other candidates (Obama, McCain and Biden.) I have seen articles questioning her parenting, style, marriage, and even her legs!!! These would never be discussions had about a male candidate.

And lastly, to jump on the "let's talk about her appearance bandwagon," she is physically fit, beautiful, and has hair that flows like a creamy chocolate stream... and it is breathtaking.

Lou's Clues said...

Perfect clothes for some fancy pageant walkin

Iris Took said...

Oh, thank you Lauren, Sal, Dee, and Danny for listening to me say this almost verbatim last night :)

Hurley said...

First off, liberal idiot...the $150,000 was for her entire family including the baby daddy, so that's 7 people that have to wear different shit everyday or be hounded by the media. so, 350+ things to wear x's extra stuff for dinners and such doesn't sound too bad.

Iris Took said...

Ok Hurley, did you NOT read what I wrote, or did you just not get what meant? I was I am SUPPORTING her and think the media is being too hard on her. I included the link so people could read for themselves the entire story just as I did.

Who's the idiot now?

Hurley said...

Uhhh, still you! When the vote is over in 11 or so days, I will be glad to have all of this behind us and welcome McCain/Palin into the White House. I really think, like I thought the last two elections, that people will wise up and do what's "right." Quit supporting and focusing on them for the wrong reasons and then I wouldn't be so inclined to call you an idiot all the time.

Moey said...
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Iris Took said...

Ok everyone, I just wanted to say that I support Sarah Palin being well dressed! This has NOTHING to do with her views or the campaign. Is no one reading what I am writing here?