Saturday, October 18, 2008

Like a Phoenix, Axl rose rises from the ashes

It was my fault for adding it as a PS at the bottom of my last post, but I need to let EVERYONE know that GnR's** long coming album Chinese Democracy is due out November 23...seriously.

Two of the songs from the album have been released into the world, one I have heard myself at the end credits of Body of Lies. A track titled "If the World" plays are the credits rolled and it sounded pretty sweet. Although, I must admit when I heard the actual singing start I fell back into my seat and almost teared up. It was a big moment for this big fan. Thank God I was by myself so no one could have made fun of me and ruined the moment.

The other cut is "Shackler's Revenge" is going on Rock Band 2, which of course means I need that game immediately (click here for the entire song library).

Also, Dr. Pepper's marketing team is still backing up the claim that if Chinese Democracy is, in fact, released in 2008 everyone in the United States will receive a free can of Dr. Pepper. Well, on November 23, you will find me listening to the new CD, sipping away at my Dr. Pepper.

**Disclaimer - this is the the new Guns N' Roses that Axl actually owns, no Slash, no Duff, but still.

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Hurley said...

Slash, I heard was still on a great deal of the album, because a lot of it was recorded over the last decade or