Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Appaloosa starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Irons and Renee Zellweger is a pretty good movie. In fact, if you want to hear my entire opinion about it, you can read my official review about it on GossipGirls.com.

What? Isn't that the same website that my sister Sal works for? Yes, friends, it is. I was just seeing so many movies for lack of anything better to do and posting my thoughts on my blog, that another very special GossipGirls employee (Mr. Staunch) encouraged me to submit them to be published on the GG site. So there we have it. I am now an official movie critic and my little recaps can be seen on the movie review section of this Toledo-based celebrity gossip hub.


Anonymous said...

fantastic!! are they paying your for that?

Dr. Turtle said...

Um, lets get back to sal working for gossipgirls.com, please. in toledo? yeah, so, your sister and I share a wall - at work.

since most of my patients are in the medicare group, almost all of them come in saying, "what's that gossip girl's place next door?" I never have an answer for them.

too weird. sal and I should do lunch.

Mickey D. said...

"My Sister Sal"... wasn't that a tv show in the 80's?

HSL said...

Will you have to watch romantic comedies now?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Turtle,
you will have to stop in! how fun! everyone always asks what gossipgirls.com is. someone once thought we were a 900 number hotline! haha! ewwwwww

iris picks her own movies, however, a high school musical 3 movie review will be a must for our site. we'll take our little cousins...