Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I can't believe I did this...I still can't believe it. I submitted a cover letter for a job application....that had a TYPO in it!!!!!!! OMG! A flipping TYPO! It was one of those where I had read it about 15 times and one that spell check would not find. "Thank you for the opportunity to apply to the a So-and-So firm."

It asks specifically for good writing and presentation skills! OH CRAP!

Seriously, do you think they just threw it out?


Miss Sixx said...

Uh... I did it about 8 times.. probably why it took me 4 months to find a job...or anyone to call me at that! No worries mama! COME HOME!

Ms. Bee said...

Oh that sucks so so so so bad.

No more map folding??

Anonymous said...

chances are if you missed it 15 times, they might too.

a co-worker of mine recently submitted a resume tape and realized she had the news director's name wrong. she had a feeling and checked it on the internet and panicked!! she actually went back to the post office, begged them to find it, explaining her situation... they did and she was able to fix it before it went out.

lucky girl.

try not to panic... this is very minor.

All Things Red said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, Iris! Happy 30th again!!

Trophy Life said...

i agree...if you missed it so many times, it's so hard to tell if anyone else did or did not either?
can i go a little deeper? since you can't answer that, i will.

although attention to detail and presentation skills is ultra important, you are a human. if this place would overlook your collective set of skills, past experiences and future promise because of ONE STUPID A - what kind of workplace will this be for you? if you ask me, it would be NOTHING short of pure hell. if they think you are the "right" kind of candidate, this should not make them throw you to the trash and if they do, throw you to the trash that is, then F*&$ them.

Hurley said...

Yes, they threw it out, that is after they blogged about people sending them resumes with typos.

A. said...

They didn't throw it out. They probably read right over it. Honestly.

I once wrote in a resume that I 'fathered news' instead of 'gathered news'. EEK!

Iris Took said...

TL, thanks for your comment. It made me feel better. Hurley, yours made me laugh, but only because I thought it was true. aw

Ky (Two Pretzels) said...

I agree with the previous posters who said that the HR person probably skimmed RIGHT over it.