Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Massillon OH

Week 2 in Massillon is well underway and I am sorry that I have not been blogging. This has been due to many facts.
1) The hotel I am in is sick. Not the surfer dude "that's cool" sick, but gross. No internet connection to speak of, hallways are dingy and smell of weed or cigarettes all the time, certainly no coffee pot in the room, no place to buy water, chairs and tables are either stained or dirty...should I go on??
2) So, the only way for me to get online is to go to Panera and park it, so guess where I am now?
3) The great part is that I have one of my best friends in the area and I can go kick it with her and not at the "hotel." Oh, and her house is amazing. Naturally, when I am at her house, we like to sit on the couch and drink beer and not blog.
4) Last week was rough for me and I didn't have anything nice to say, so I didn't say anything at all.


Two Pretzels said...

I am sad that last week was rough for you. I don't like to hear that. But, I am very glad that you have a good friend so close. One who enjoys beer and t.v. (Can't go wrong there.)

Hug to you.

I wish I could send you a can of lysol for that hotel. Blech.

Hurley said...

I thought that you should've gone on with the hotel scription...

Ms. Bee said...

your job is really getting in the way of your blogging

wrestling kitties said...

Hope this week is better and PS, get out of that hotel!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Massillon