Thursday, September 4, 2008

K as in .....

Do you know the military alphabet? I find it comes in handy but I get made fun of for it all the time. When spelling something on the phone it is helpful to say, "D as in Delta." People get that.

Today I was leaving a message for someone and on her voice mail she gave her email address. "If you want, you can email me at K as in the letter, (goes on to spell last name at"

The letter?

Click here to learn the military alphabet.


wrestling kitties said...

hahaha! Thanks lady, that clarified it. I was confused for a moment, but now I understand you said K, like the letter.

Some people just shouldn't talk. ;)

Hurley said...

You're an the noun.

A Lesson A Day said...

I worked in Air Traffic Control for 13 years so I have this one down! Give the lady a break she might have be distinguishing the letter "K" from the name "Kay" or perhaps the person who says "kay" instead of Okay!