Monday, September 15, 2008

The Indiana Turnpike is getting a letter

Have you ever been to a gas station that was out of gas? Have you ever been to a gas station when NONE of the pumps were working? Well, that happened to me on Friday and then again on Sunday while on the Indiana Turnpike. Friday, I stopped at the last station before scary Gary and they were OUT OF GAS. I basically flipped out at the clerk and she just shrugged and told me to drive 1/2 a mile up the road. Now, my gas light had come on about 26 miles prior and knew I needed gas or else I would run out on the Skyway so I had no choice but to stop in Gary. It was nerve wracking.

On Sunday, I stopped (after Gary) and this time I had about 1/4 tank left at another Turnpike plaza. THEIR pumps weren't working and the clerk was less than helpful (aka she ran my card twice and told me to just try another pump). Finally I made her admit out loud that their pumps weren't working. Isn't the Turnpike supposed to be nice for travellers?


Two Pretzels said...

Ugh. That is INSANE.
Glad you survived.
"Scary Gary" is right.

(Although, I laughed that when I read of "Scary Gary" I thought of Gary Coleman.)

All Things Red said...

Holy crap - I'm surprised that that happened on a turnpike and in the north!!

And I know how you are about friendly customer service. Sorry to hear you had to experience that - especially in Scary Gary....

Hurley said...

Okay, Iris, are you watching the all? There is a gas shortage, and stations get gas by how often they have people come there. Obviously Gary is not a place you want to be at anytime of the day, except maybe from 9:45-10:00 on a Sunday when you are sure that the "locals" are at church.

Iris Took said...

Hurley, I do watch the news. My entire point was that the turnpike is supposed to be well prepared and well maintained all the time (we do pay to drive on this road). I don't think they were out of gas because of the shortage, just shortage of intelligent people working there.