Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guiness World Records

This story was featured on the local news today, so I just had to look it up. Guiness's leggiest woman and smallest man were photographed together today in London. I thought these pictures were odd, specifically the ones of the little guy DIRECTLY underneath her, um, lady business. Click here for the Yahoo! slide show.


Trophy Life said...

whoa. not ONLY does this look like a leggy Princess Diana, but it IS quite an odd photo.

Iris Took said...

HA! I totally thought she looked like a stretched out distorted Dianna.

Two Pretzels said...

This photo IMMEDIATELY brought a smile to my face.



And yes, I agree. I thought Princess Dinana, too.

(Is that small man wearing a dress? I don't get it.)

Ms. Bee said...

"That's a huge bitch!"

Hurley said...

My name is Deuce Big..gest lady I've ever seen!