Monday, September 8, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Toledo Edition

This week, Ty Pennington and crew are building a family of 13 a new TOLEDO, OHIO! The Frisch Family's story was in The Blade today (read here) and the building is going on as we speak. Local company Buckeye Real Estate Group is building the home and has the week's schedule and photos on their site. Check it out.I am not sure when this episode will be aired, but you can see the house unveiling this Sunday in person. This is an amazing show that does such wonderful things for deserving people. Congrats to the Frisch Family and their 11 sons.


Hurley said...

I think as a nice gesture to the father, they should get someone to piece back together her know? I would go to that unveiling. The reaction of the people would be the oposite-"oh wow, look how small and unspacious it is!"

Two Pretzels said...

I agree with you. Phenomenal show. Deserving people. Hats off to Sears and EMHE.

Miss Sixx said...

hurley is an a-hole.

I want to go the unveiling.