Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Call PETA!

Hotmail has this one advertisement that I see every time I sent an email for an animal treatment of some sort. However, it took me several times viewing it to realize the actual message of the ad. The first time I saw it, it went like this:

A picture of a dog is headlined with the phrase, "It only takes about 2 minutes to poison a dog..." and at the bottom of the screen it says, "Please, donate now." I actually laughed. What is this ad for? Dog killers?

The second time I saw this ad, I realized there is a second line that comes rolling across the screen about 20 seconds later. It reads, "It takes 2 hours to save a dog's life." Oh, donate for the cure. I get it. I guess I don't have to call PETA, it's just bad advertising.


Janis said...

Huh ... I am having a blond moment

Mickey D. said...

What's going on with PETA? First dog poisoning then Breast Milk Ice Cream.

Someone over there is off their heezy.