Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome Miss Sixx!

Welcome my friend Miss Sixx to blogger!
Miss Sixx is a Motley Crue reference, so you guessed it....she rocks.


Hurley said...
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Hurley said...

Welcome Miss Sixx. When Iris welcomed me, it was a part of another post she know, half-assed. So, feel special you got your own post, complete with a picture, and a shout out that you rock. I guess Iris ranks friends and I fell just under "seperate post with picture," and just above, "silently adding me to her blog world list."

Miss Sixx said...

And.. I do care!
Thanks Iris!

The picture is AMAZING!

Motley Christmas and Happy Crue Year!

Rick said...

I visited your blog because I need some hobbit art for a caricature that I am drawing for someone. Just wanted to say thanks for having this blog.

Dri said...

My boss is friends with Nikki Sixx and spent some time with him last time he was in California. AWESOME! He wears some of my company's jewelry! How cool is that??

Miss Sixx said...

dri, the next time your boss is around Mr. Sixx, will you please have your boss tell him that a blonde girl that lives in Toledo really wants to meet him and also maybe do some other things with him..Nikki Sixx, not your boss.