Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rachel Ray and other TV cooks

I really do like Rachel Ray but I think I liked her better in her earlier days. She says too much stuff like "Yum-o" and "figure-friendly" and other things that make me shut one eye and cringe. Regardless, I do like her and her meals. Yesterday, she made some Sloppy Buffalo Chicken Joes and they looked delicious. Click here for recipe.

I love Bobby Flay and his "Throw Down" challenges. He is fun and not cheesy.

Paula Deen makes some mean southern dishes, but I absolutely cannot stand watching her. She licks everything she creates, and makes this "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" noise when she does it. It totally grosses me out.

The Iron Chef competition is fantastic.

Ace of Cakes is amusing. I think the main cake guy Duff REALLY likes to party (that includes his entire staff).


Sad Panda said...

I absolutely love Bobby Flaw. I have a food fetish with him, ha! I also am a huge huge fan of Ace of Cakes. I would watch a 10 hour marathon if Food Network offered such a thing.

Lauren said...

I agree about Rachel Ray. Although I do think that her recipes are easy to follow, and delicious, maybe it is time to tone down the catch phrases. She also seems a little fake to me at times, I don't know, anyone else think so? I enjoy cooking shows!

freckleface said...

Rachael Ray is annoying. EVOO!

Love Ace of Cakes, love Iron Chef...Bobby Flay LOVE.HIM!

TLC said...

i like rachel ray....i even get her magazine and have 2 cookbooks that i never use. i do think her 30 minute meals are a scam. there's no way i could make what she does in 30 mins. w/ 2 kids around!

other i like: Giada deLaurentis, Ina Garten, Sandra Lee (i love the semi-homemade stuff), Bobby Flay and Mario Batali.

Hurley said...

I love that you said "close one eye and cringe," because I can see you doing that. I've seen RR and she is the pinacle of annoying and Paula Deen licks her fingers which is one of my top ten reasons to end a friendship, so I can't even begin to watch her. ALSO, I'm not really that into cooking shows, mainly because I would never buy $75 in ingredients to make something called "Hampton Hotdogs."

wrestling kitties said...

I love watching the Food Network...I think it would be so fun to be a chef.

I admit, I use to LOVE RR....loved her. However, since she got her show I really have decreased how much I watch b/c yes she can be a bit much and annoying. I still like her but I think a 30 minute cooking show was fine, but an hour can sometimes be too much. I still own almost all her cookbooks and get her magazine as they do have some fantastic recipes in them. And I own her big pasta pot - it is wonderful!

I also like Bobby Flay, Ace of Cakes & Giada.