Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Poll: Constructive Hobby

Ok, I need a new constructive hobby to keep me busy during the week. This hobby needs to not involve food and also to be relatively cheap. What do you think I should pick up?

A) Start bag piping again (Although this may prove obnoxious seeing as how I live in hotels all week).
B) Knitting/Crochet (boring maybe).
C) Playing a less loud instrument.
D) MBA (oh wait, loans are expensive right?)
D) Your suggestions please.


Ms. Bee said...

Um, anyone that doesn't vote bagpipe is crazy. Plus you could shut hurley up since he doesn't belive you can play.

(how does one get into bagpiping?)

Anonymous said...

I say pick bag piping up. I was hoping you would have it mastered in time for my wedding.....You probably have a while :)

All Things Red said...

I am a supporter of your bagpipe-learning venture. It's such a unique talent and you were so excited when you first started getting into it.

Also - you could do some fun photography since you'll be in different places. Or you could just hang out in your hotel room with some Hooch beverage and read nudey magazines. ("What day is today? October? NUDEY MAGAZINE DAY!")

PS - I LOVE your pic of Holly Hobby - when I was little, I had a Holly Hobby bedspread and curtains!!

Dri said...

@all things red - I had Holly Hobby stuff in my bedroom, too - and a Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag!

How cool that you learned to bag pipe! DEFINITELY continue in that vein. If you need something smaller and a bit less intrusive you could always pick up harmonica.


A Lesson A Day said...

I think you should knit a bag pipe! Knitting is actually fun in a quiet sort of way

Mickey D. said...

Find a school that would allow you to get a Master's Degree in bagpiping. Since you have previous experience, they might give you a scholarship.

Two birds, one stone.

I would pay $5 to attend one of your bagpiping concerts.

Hurley said...

N, good memory...when I saw that you wrote "again," after bagpiping, I laughed a little. Reading is fun (I think that I saw that on a bumper sticker.) OR, you could go to the local hospital and tell them that you are in town for 5 weeks, and you would love to volunteer wherever you are needed...that will earn you some major Jesus points.

Trophy Life said...

underwater basket-weaving.

ok, no seriously....knit some scarves for your loved ones for the cold winter months.

t.w.i.t. said...

I'm sure this says something about my refined sensibilities, but bagpipes always remind me of when Tom Callahan dies in Tommy Boy and Chris Farley is moping around Sandusky to the tune of Amazing Grace. What a buzzkill--until two minutes later when he's sitting in his sailboat, recalling how his dad used to yell "quit playing with your dinghy!"

I need to get a life. Obviously, I have no suggestions to offer with regard to hobbies.

Miss Sixx said...

What about potholder making?!

The Diva said...

I like knitting. I do it all the time.