Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Movies you hate to admit you love

Yes! I love this topic and AOL posted it today. Here is a list of movies they called "Guilty Pleasure Movies - 35 Flicks We're Embarrassed to Love." I have to say that I was right there with about 20 of them and was appalled that Footloose is considered a "bad" movie. Kevin Bacon's dance moves? C'mon!

What "bad" movies do you admit to loving?


Dr. Turtle said...

Of those on the list, I like
"Notting Hill"
"The Cutting Edge"
"Rocky IV" (this is my FAV Rocky!)

of the rest, I really don't think i've seen most of them!

My others:
"Dance Till Dawn" :)
"Bring it On"

I'm sure there's more!

A. said...

Wow, I haven't even seen most of those movies! I've seen, and liked, The Lake House, Armageddon, Road House, Footloose and Young Guns II. It never crossed my mind to be embarrassed about liking them!

I did also see Days of Thunder, but I hated it!

I am embarrassed to admit that I LOVE Dodgeball. I also don't like to admit that I laughed quite a bit at Walk Hard and Balls of Fury.

P.S. I love Footloose. I recently bought it because my husband had never seen it. I'm pretty sure he considers it a 'bad' movie.

Lauren said...

Hmm... I am pretty proud of my love of dance movies, including Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, and many, many more! I think I secretly wish I could dance. Actually, I know I do. Missed you last night!

B. said...

Damn straight it is a Footloose is a bad movie!

Nadja said...

I LOVE Bring it on. Love it love it love it... Also 10 Things I Hate About You.

A. said...

Speaking of dance movies, I thought about going to see Step It Up 2 by myself, but was afraid of being seen!

Hurley said...

Okay, why is Armegeddon on that list, or If looks Could Kill, Road House, Days of Thunder, The Cutting Edge, Summer Rental, and yes I will say it, The Lake House...those were all great movies, and I am not ashamed...well, maybe a little about the Lake House.

Sad Panda said...

I've seen about five of those movies. I admit that I absolute adored "Earth Girls Are Easy" when I was a child.

Not on that list, I loved "Drop Dead Fred" and "Mask of Zorro."

Iris Took said...

Couz, I KNEW you would be all over this one! YES!

SP, Drop Dead Fred is one of our all time favorites. I think I called my little sister "snot face" for two years....and she liked it.

Miss Sixx said...

I have to say, everytime VH1 plays Showgirls.. i find myself watching it because it makes me feel better about my life and that I used to be a childs role model and now am a showgirl with bad acting skills....