Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Dr. Turtle

Today I visited the Columbus Zoo where they have quite an impressive aquarium. Dr. Turtle...for you!

P.S. I am totally excited to have uploaded this to YouTube!


Dr. Turtle said...

Aw...he's so cute! And so is that little sting-ray eating lettuce!

Thanks for sharing!

Hurley said...

I picture you all sad walking that long zoo parking lot to get in and then pulling out your little phone to take a video of the aquarium...

wrestling kitties said...

i loved the sting-ray!

(i have tried a couple times but I can't figure out how to post on you tube...I think I am just stupid)

All Things Red said...

Are you sure you didn't "download" it to YouTube?? hee hee

PS - you're obsessed with cute animal video/pics too - you just pretend not to like it.

PSS - You want to.