Friday, August 15, 2008

Done with Newark!

I am officially done with my first assignment (finally)! Off to celebrate!


Ms. Bee said...

So does that mean you can't blog???

Dri said...

I'm so curious re: what you're doing. You have assignments and go different places for only short periods of time..... and it has something to do with maps.... :)

That's all I can figure out.

Do you mind sharing what your job is?

Mickey D. said...

Where to next?

Iris Took said...

Dri, I work for a company called Village Profile, a national publisher based out of Elgin IL. We contract solely with chambers of commerce and produce for them what they need (ie a map, lifestyle book, atlas, etc...). I then go to that community for a few weeks and sell the ad space for the publication.

Mickey D - Massillon.