Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We need Mr. Fusion

Know what I mean? Mr. Fusion....a wonderful invention from Doc Brown at the end of BTTF I. This machine converts basic garbage to fuel for a vehicle (in this case, a time-traveling DeLorean).I found a flight to Chicago from Columbus (1 hr. from Newark) for $198. This is actually cheaper (and a hellavua lot faster) than driving. I know because I figured it out myself. Here is my formula: 800 miles total @ 4 million dollars per gallon + tolls = ridiculous (you can't find that equation in an Algebra text book, it's a new one).

Doc, we need you.


wrestling kitties said...


Seems logical to me!

Hurley said...

Another formula: Boneless wings + Beer = Toilet Time (that one I think you can find in the text book)

p.s. it isn't cheaper, but for $40 it is well worth it.

All Things Red said...

That is mathematics/algebra at it's finest. Who ever said that you weren't an accountant deep down?!

All Things Red said...

How about BFF Bruce + red nose + suit/baseball hat combo divided by 7 outright lies a day = ANNOYING