Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shia....you too?

Shia LeBeouf what's happening? You are an amazing actor with a crapton of money, don't get into drunk driving accidents. Hire a driver, especially if you admit you have a drinking problem.

I'm sad. Between you crashing and Christian Bale (allegedly) beating women, what celebrity am I supposed to be obsessed with now?


All Things Red said...

How about a REAL man - like JACK BAUER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or T. Almeda!!!! Where have your priorities gone, Iris?? HAHAHA!!

Iris Took said...

Uh, Batman? How much more real can you get. I'm just saying I like Shia and I hope he doesn't turn into a jerk!

Hurley said...

Drunk driving accidents are so 2007...get into 2008 Shia! 2008 is all about supporting minority candidates and wheat grass shakes...jeez, read the paper for God's sake!

Sad Panda said...

I agree; I love Shia and it's a shame that he acts this way. I hoped he would have been above all this young Hollywood crap.

wrestling kitties said...

I think Shia is acting a bit stupid and drunk driving is just plain foolish, but god is he a little hottie and getting hotter! *drool*

TLC said...

all of young hollywood needs to pulls its head out of its ass and straighten the heck up. i am SO TIRED of hearing about these actors/actresses/famous for no reason people and their woes.

you're rich. and famous. get your shit together.


OK...sorry for the rant. i guess i need more coffee this morning.


freckleface said...

I heart Shia! I have a crush on him.
He's young and getting caught up in the Hollywood scene. It's a shame, you would think that he would learn from the past. i.e. Cory Haim....he is so gross now!