Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day

#1 Today I heard a Newark teenager say, "Oh my GAWD, that's the bomb-dot-com!"

I think she was serious.

#2 Also, I had an appointment to meet with the manager at Sonic yesterday. I went to go in the restaurant and little did I know that you CANNOT go in. A tall, wispy, teenager on roller skates slides over to me and asks me if HE can help (calls me ma'am). "Yes, I have an appointment with Tiffany," I say. Terry (ala Reno 911) says to me, "Oh, you have an interview, hang on!" and rolls away. Smile.


Mickey D. said...

Sonic is totally coming to Toledo. Now the fact that they advertise in these parts will finally make sense.

Good luck at your new job :)

Sad Panda said...

Did he also have a CD called "F*** You, Dad!"?

Louis and Nadja said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I can picture it perfectly!!!! I LOVE TERRY!!!!

wrestling kitties said...

hahaha! That was AWESOME (dot com)!

And agree, Terry is Awesome! I love that show!

Hurley said...

Never actually been to a Sonic, but good for you...that should be some good supplemental income in these troubling, unsure times.

Julie said...

OK I have to ask and I know this is a little late but Newark where?? Ohio? Dot com is a Maxwell show thing on 100.7 so it's completely possible if this is in fact Ohio that she listens to that station in the afternoons. Just sayin'.