Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poll: Weddings 2008

How many weddings are you attending this year? Are you in any of them? Winner gets a prize.

For me, I think it is 6 this year (not a bridesmaid at all). Last year...13, not joking. I know this is really something for which to be thankful, to have friends and family, and I do feel blessed for that. Plus, I love weddings and there is free booze they are fun (except the bouquet toss, I hate that).

Now, I do want to start a movement that says if you are in a wedding, you should not have to give an actual wedding gift. Is that tacky? I mean, you already gave a shower gift (if not multiple or threw the shower) and if you are out of town, you have made several trips in. What do you think? Get out of the gift free card for the bridal party?


Hurley said...

I have/had 6 weddings this year, and 7 last year, and I already know that I have 3 next far. Yes, tacky to not give a gift if you are in the party...not tacky to not give a gift if you are best man, or maid of honor, because those are the 2 people that pay the most. If best man split cost of Bach. party evenly with everyone attending, then he has to give a gift.

TLC said...

ZERO. zip. nada.

no weddings at all.

none last year either.

hmmm...i wonder if that means, after one turns 35 (!!!) all friends are either (1) married or (2) eternally single?

Jill Marie said...

Haven't been to a wedding since mine ( 3years ago). I do know alot of people who are getting divorces though.
In your situation I can see why you wouldn't want to buy so many gifts. But, if you do get that to be a trend I am sure many people would thank you.

A. said...

I think we have 3 weddings this year. Since B. and I have been together, we've attended over 50. (I made a list last year because I was TIRED of weddings and couldn't figure out why. They're supposed to be HAPPY occasions, right?)

I've been in 8 weddings. And gave a gift every time. I don't think it ever crossed my mind not to.

wrestling kitties said...

One wedding and I am the Maid of Honor.

I think I should win the most annoying wedding to attend this year as this is a shot gun wedding for a girl I am friends with because I am good friends with her soon to be husband but I know NOTHING really about her and never just hang out with her or talk to her one on one....but yes, I am the maid of honor for a quickie wedding. really.

They also want to do this in a church in 5 years so does that mean I have to get another dress, do other parties, give another gift, do another speech?? I sure as heck hope not.

(Sorry, I typically love weddings, but I am so beyond annoyed with this one it is ridiculous. Go to the freak'n court house if you just want to get married for insurance reasons!!!) UGH!

P.S. I can't believe how many weddings you all have gone too! I think I have been to maybe 6 in my life - including mine!

Sad Panda said...

Wow. I'm going to 1. Maybe. Not sure. I may have to wash my hair and visit my grandmother on that day.

On a somewhat related note, I want to be a wedding crasher. Bad!

Mickey D. said...

Ha! Get out of gift free card. Nice.

We have no weddings to attend this year, but a couple for next year. And last year, we only had a couple, including ours.

13? Do you know some polygymists or something? I'm guessing that you definitely win the prize.

Hurley said...

Iris...I think it really might be the "Greek System thing," don't you?

Dri said...

We didn't have any weddings last year and we don't have any this year, either.

The summer we were married (summer = 3 months) we had 13 weddings. THIRTEEN. We sang/did music in at least 3 of those.

The next summer we had several as well.

I'm glad that's over. Weddings didn't seem too much fun after that summer.

Anonymous said...

two summers ago (April-August) we had 14.
last summer 6
this year= 6, i was in one.
next year 3, 4 counting ours. A is in two next year


A. said...

You jinxed me! Two more invites this weekend (both people my husband works with). That brings our 2008 total to 5.

Trophy Life said...

only 1 wedding this summer, and no bridesmaid.