Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Newark Adventures - Week 6

I missed the week 5 update, but nothing earth shattering happened. Here is the mid-week update and some from last week.

Everyone (well every high school student) in Newark paints their car. Somebody loves someone, this person is a senior, #3 short stop, blah blah. Reminds me of the "Who Farted" incident on my yellow beetle.

I have been seeing these yard signs and finally got around to looking it up: jesuslovesnerk.com. This site is for an independent, non-denominational church called Narrow Road Community Church. Nice to see that it is actually that Jesus does love Nerk some crazy gothic worship site.

A recent Chinese buffet experience had me misreading all kinds of signs. I was clearly not paying attention to what I was doing, the nice bus boy was trying to alert me but he didn't speak English, he was just stuttering and waving at me. So, I smiled and waved back.....just as I walked into the men's room. Staring at the urinal, I realized that the bus boy was trying to warn me. I spun quickly around and there he stood. He put both palms up in the air and shrugged, like, "I tried to tell you." I'm a moron and do not know the hand signals for "That's the men's room lady!" At least no one was in there.


Trophy Life said...

don't you just love cross-cultural experiences with speakers of other languages trying to watch out for the innocent English-speaking person? it's a reminder that niceness stretches across language barriers!

Hurley said...

I remember your yellow beetle, AND how it looked like a fart. Why would you paint your car...obviously these people aren't leasing. Finally, you should've sat in the urinal and went, and then complained that their restrooms had no doors... you would've got a FREE BUFFET...maybe.

Anonymous said...

haha I love that he put his palms up in the air and shrugged.....I bet the thoughts in his head went a little something like this (with a thick accent) Stupid Americans!