Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newark Adventures - Week 4

Mid-week update:
I still have not eaten at ANY Chinese buffets this week. I actually found some variety off the beaten path in the form of a Greek restaurant AND an Indian restaurant right next to each other.

Actual picture from the Greek restaurant.

In this odd little plaza was also a store called, "Doggy Style: Self Serve Dog Wash." Fo reals.

Misc: Today I visited the OSU Newark campus (Go Buckeyes!), there were severe thunderstorms, met with another client in his home and the dog licked me the entire time (uncomfortable), my GPS has been spot on and the Basket remains the same.


Trophy Life said...

i just had a phone interview for a job at OSU Newark yesterday. i've read about all of your adventures, but what was your feel for campus, do you like Newark?
just curious.

A Lesson A Day said...

Go to Grissom's Blog, you can see it from my blog and you will see a pic of a self-serve Doggie wash

All Things Red said...

Dogs/cats search out and annoy the people that are the most averse to them doing so! Sorry to hear that those crazy pups are invading your personal space.

Maybe you could bring doggy treats for them to chew on and when they start licking you, you could whip out the treat and they will go away and eat/chew their treat. :)

Miss you Iris!

Hurley said...

I had the Indian food before, and although I liked it, I no longer wonder why they smell the way they do...Is that wrong to say? Oh well.