Friday, July 4, 2008

Newark Adventures - Week 3

This was a short week because of the holiday, and because of the holiday it seems that no one is working.

Usually my appointments are at businesses, but one this week led me to a house. As I walked up to the door, I hear giant barks no doubt coming from a beast that lives inside. Well, I met with my customer in the office area so the beast could not get to us. However, he had to go into the beast area for something, left the door open and not one, but TWO beasts came flying out of the room and directly to me (black skirt, patent leather high heels = not good). The beasts almost killed me by licking my legs and shoes. I was trying to be nice so I made dumb comments like "OH, the dogs have curly hair like me..ha ha." The beasts were giant poodle like things with dark curly hair. It was the only joke I could make and not seem like I was a dog hater. UNCOMFORTABLE.

My GPS failed me a few times this week. I know, I know. DISAPPOINTING. There were two occasions where I found myself in a field or a parking lot and it was supposed to be a street....recalculating. However, the GPS makes up for it with his comedy. Just before turning on Irving Wick Drive (Dr. as it was listed), GPS tells me to "Turn left on Irving Wick Doctor." HAHAH, ok Marty (that's his name when I use the Australian voice).

Biggest accomplishment of the week: I did not eat at ONE Chinese buffet.


All Things Red said...

The beast wasn't named Ozzy, was it????

Hurley said...

You're dumb, but I loves you... I think that the GPS company is in business with Mapquest and a huge group of rapists, because on more than one occasion, I have been led to an abandoned parking lot, a grassy knoll, a sketchy building, or the cardboard lair of a rogue homeless person. I truly believe that on the bodies of 1/3 of all dead girls found in parking lots, that aren't in gang areas, you will find directions from mapquest in their pockets, or shoved in their larynx. This is the 1980's all over again...just say no, to GPS.