Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nerdy...but cool

I can say with honesty that I did not know about this film until I saw the previews on tv - so that makes me not as nerdy as I could be. But still nerdy because I am blogging about it.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
will be in theaters in August. This animated film (I know, animated) lies sequentially between episodes II and III. The website for this movie is pretty cool and I must say that I am interested (although taking my grade school cousins will be the excuse I have to go see it).

See IMDB for more info and actor's voices.


Hurley said...

I don't know that this needs repeating or not, but you're a geek...there, I said it, and I feel good about it...LOTR, i mean LOL!

Anonymous said...

E and I saw this preview on TV the other night and his exact reaction was, "I'm pretty sure Owen and Een are going to want to see that." Valid!

31derful said...

I got lost regarding Star Wars a long time ago...I think it was somewhere between the Prequel and the Sequel or was it the Sequel the preceded the Prequel?! See what I mean?