Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesse Jackson...don't you wish you had a rewind button?

Tell me what you think about all this. For me, it really shows that we can NEVER believe who is backing whom and for what reasons.


"Speaking near a Fox News microphone that he thought was turned off, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson on Sunday disparaged Sen. Barack Obama's embrace of faith-based social services, using crude language to suggest that he wanted to castrate the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee."

Full story here.


All Things Red said...

Jesse Jackson makes me blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurley said...

Jesse Jackson is an idiot, and if he has anything intelligent to say, he better hurry up and say it before he dies. My comment on his comment is: This is an abomination of the realization that in this nation Barack can become Presidentation, and we as a civilization should disregard his dramatization of his misspokentation!

Hurley said...

Also, someone burping in a microphone would make more sense to me than a hour long Jesse Jackson speech...last time I heard him talk, I think I Scrabble challanged him 37 times, and won 36...I went crazy and called him out on privatization.

Louis and Nadja said...

Never ever say anything anywhere NEAR a microphone that you don't want others to hear, you boob. Haven't you seen this a million times?? Stupid things blazing over the loudspeakers when the mics are "off'? It's an embarrassamation.

31derful said...

The hand motion he used to accompany the action of chopping off Barack's n__ts was my favorite part. Boy, oh, boy, I bet he'll double-check the microphone next time.