Wednesday, July 16, 2008

For participation in Dr. Turtle's photo parade

Thanks Dr. Turtle for starting this photo parade. This photo I took represents "excitement" for a few reasons:
1) The obvious excitement of getting to eat cake.
2) The excitement and celebration of a new marriage.
3) The excitement over the open bar.
4) The excitement/anticipation of the guesses to see who knows whose wedding cake this is (several of you fellow bloggers were at this reception).


Dr. Turtle said...

I know! I know! (I was sitting just to the left of that cake)

It's Dawn & Troy's!

And that layer that is cut...well, that's "strawberry's & cream."

It's from the best cake place, ever...Eston's.

(thanks for playing!)

wrestling kitties said...

That is such a pretty cake!! :)

Hurley said...

I hate cake, but without being there, I could probably fold that table cloth back to its original shape.

Two Pretzels said...

"The excitement over the open bar."

I love you.