Monday, July 28, 2008


Last night I had the best dinner ever. Seriously, I think I make that claim. DT and I went to a Brazilian steak house called Brazzaz downtown Chicago. I don't think vegetarians would be into this place, but for the rest of us it is just plain amazing.

You start out at a salad bar that if there was JUST this salad bar, I would have been happy. The ingredients were incredibly fresh, the variety vast, and even had sushi and lasagna (I know! on the salad bar).

We ordered a bottle of wine and as if that is not good enough, the waiter brought out a very cool, very fun, very functional decanter. It stood on the table with stainless steel legs, and the actual wine poured into a glass vase of sorts. It came out the bottom with the push of a lever. They don't put much wine in a bottle anymore do they?

Ok, so then each person has these "chips" that are different colors on either side, last night's case was black and orange. The black side said "No, thank you" and the orange side said, "Yes, please." When you flip to orange, you better be ready.

As soon as you are ready for the meat, waiters donned in traditional Brazilian gear come out with giant spits of roasted meats and saw you off a piece right there. You have some of your own tongs so you can just grab it. This is some of the best prepared meat I have ever had. The meats included: filet mignon, bacon wrapped tenderloin and chicken, pork tenderloin, sirloin, shrimp, ny strip, sausage, lamb, ribs, and some different varieties of a few. Oh, and you can get lobster if you want it. Seriously, it was crazy. They just keep coming around slicing you off a piece of the most succulent (I hate that word but it really fits here) meat until you turn over your chip.
I love stuff like this because it is sort of interactive dining (like fondue). The service was impeccable and the meal fabulous. It was a perfect evening. If you get the chance, go to one of these steakhouses, you will love it (unless you don't eat meat).


TLC said...

oh my...that sounds wonderful. i've actually heard of this place. the dean in my department is from Brazil and she RAVES about this place! she said it's rather authentic. and that it's a must for anyone going to chicago.

All Things Red said...

OK, Iris - I loved the post, but "succulent"??? While it totally fits in the sentence and context, I can picture anyone else saying it and you not being able to keep a straight face from laughing with a dirty mind. Otherwise, it would gross you out - similar to the word 'moist' that Impractical Shoes hates. Agh! I miss our discussions of icky words!!!

PS - This also reminds me of the 70's weight watchers recipes. May the ceramic mushroom and fish-shaped-salmon-mousse-mold live on!!

Mickey D. said...

This sounds incredible! Sounds like a lot of fun too.

My mouth is watering. I wanna go!

Hurley said...

I should punch you in your stupid face for saying succulent. Other punches go out to tlc for saying that anything Brazillian in America is "authentic," and a giant face punch to mickey d. for "my mouth is watering," sick!

Anonymous said...

Guys carrying around giants hunks of meat for you to eat? "Yes Please" :)

Nadja said...

That picture of them with the meat is HI.LAR.I.OUS. There's no way I could take them seriously. I'm also picturing people with mouths full of meat, plates full of meat, and not being able to get to their "chip" fast enough to stop the next meat dump.