Thursday, June 26, 2008

Warning...feminist rant ahead

I am in the market for a new car as you know, so today I went to a dealership that has both Toyotas and Nissans - perfect! I walked into the office and no one was in there. Ok, I thought, I'll just go outside and someone will come over to me.

There were tons of cars on this lot, I actually spent about a half an hour looking at cars and no one came over to me to help me out or to talk to me. The only person that actually did talk to me on this cockamamie BS lot, was this dude on a crotch rocket that sped past me while popping a wheelie (I know, I know). He said, " 'Scuse me ma'am (again with the ma'am!)."

Now, I bet if I was with my dad or DT, they would have been over to assist me. Annoying. PS I've been to Kelly Blue Book, I know what residuals are...I'M AN INFORMED BUYER!


Dr. Turtle said...

You said, "cockamamie"


Hurley said...

I pray that when I go and look at cars, cuz I'm in the market as well, that no one comes over and talks to me...consider yourself lucky. Also, you're 3 feet tall...maybe they couldn't see you over the 4,700 cars and the reflection of the sun off all those windows and shiney chrome.

p.s. thanks for the warning on the fem. rant, bcuz I hate when I find myself in the middle of one of those without being warned.

Two Pretzels said...

UGH. This is why people by Saturns. Allegedly buying them is so easy.

Like some dude popped a wheelie in front of you. Did he ask also give you directions to the gun show?

Two Pretzels said...

You know, I sometimes feel that SMILING and appearing friendly work to my disadvantage.

Perhaps we should all start being bitches.

Hurley said...

Yeah, girls should START being bitches...I think you should stop first, and then it will be a bigger shock to everyone when you start back up again.

TLC said...

hilarous hurley.

i hate car dealerships.

C said...

this happened to me at YARK, and because of it have bought my last 5 cars from their competition.

All Things Red said...

I totally agree, Iris. This has happened to me. And if you bring a guy with you, just for advice....the salespeople just talk to the guy instead of you (ya know, the person MAKING THE PAYMENTS).

Kind of reminds you of silly Doug Keetion - I thought you would be taller - you look like a college girl!

All Things Red said...

PS - I loved that you said "cockamamie" - I never thought about how it would look spelled out!

PSS - My Grandma's name was Mamie! Ha! Ha!