Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vegas, baby

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for a bachelorette party. We are staying at the Excalibur so we can be sure to see Australia's Thunder from Down Under (the guest of honor's favorite Vegas attraction). I am SUPER pumped and have not been to Vegas since I was 20, so I am looking forward to taking advantage of Las Vegas has to offer.
Have you been to Vegas? What do you recommend?


A. said...

I love Vegas! (Got married there!)

I highly recommend the piano bar at Harrah's. Fantabulous!

Mrs. D. said...

I'm crazy jealous! You'll have a blast no matter what you do, I guarantee it. Just drinking and walking around on the streets is fun. The city is magical.

But if you have a chance to see a Cirque De Soleil show, do it! Especially O. Or The Beatles LOVE show looks fun too.


Hurley said...

Light at the Bellagio was pimp, and Pure was pretty cool also. If you call 702 212 8804 and say this verbatem "we were there last week and someone gave me this number to call to be put on the's me and 5 other girls," you won't have to wait that long to get in. Have fun and tell Miss. Syxx I say hey! BB too, I guess, and the Ababwa!

Trophy Life said...

I ate breakfast at Paris hotel and it was AWESOME! Tao nighclub was fun too - the sushi at that restaurant is to die for.
you'll be getting this too late i have fun! i think you've got that covered.