Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Training Days 2 & 3

Field Training: Oak Lawn, IL - a suburb of Chicago. I rode with a top sales rep for the company today and yesterday, have learned a ton and had some fun while at it.

Random observation about the Village of Oak Lawn:
There are an abundance of bridal stores in this town. The main drag is called 95th Street and up and down it you will find about 10 retail stores for dresses from David's Bridal to a resale shop. There are also several tux places, a wedding candy store, a wedding floral shop, a wedding linen store, and even a wedding themed lingerie shop. None of the businesses seemed to know why there is this humongous presence of wedding retail or think it was odd. I guess I'm the only one.


Two Pretzels said...

That's really odd.

Glad everything's going well!

Hurley said...

Maybe that is where all of them are in the city...not so odd to keep stores centrally located...kind of like a strip of car dealers.