Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Impractical Shoes - THIS is for you! You can run extremely fast in high heels and I have witnessed it, so now is your chance! Regis and Kelly are hosting a High-Heel-A-Thon in New York on July 9th.

First place winner gets $25,000 (2nd gets $5,000 and 3rd gets $2,500). Go to the Regis and Kelly website and register. All you have to do is a 150 yard dash! C'mon, that's like from the door to the bar at Gatorz. All proceeds go to the March of Dimes for this is your philanthropy for the year.


Hurley said...

Save your personal notes for a little thing I like to call email...ever heard of it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am officially registered! Hurley, keep your sarcasm to a little thing called, yourself, ever heard of it?

Mrs. D. said...


Then it's followed up by the Sprained-Ankle-A-Thon.

Kidding. I, too, can run in heels. I'll sit out this year and throw my support to impractical shoes. With a name like that, how can she lose?

wrestling kitties said...

M. the first thing I thought was I would totally hurt myself doing this!! I would get last in the high heel a thon and first in the sprained ankle one! ;)

What a fun idea though!

Go I.S.!!!!