Friday, June 20, 2008

Do you think they thought this through?

This morning on the Today show, Meridith interviewed a reporter and a local girl about a pact that teenagers in Gloucester, Massachusetts are making: They want to get pregnant and raise their babies together.

Ok, what? They are getting pregnant on purpose? I was busy making pacts that we wouldn't go to prom or tell on Jenny Smith because she smoked cigarettes as a freshmen with some "older guys."


Story here.

Video from Today show here.


Trophy Life said...

i heard this story too. it's really bizarre how the bar has been lowered so much, it seems, since "we were kids". i agree that when i was in HS, i was lying about staying out until 1 am...riding around in a friend's car INNOCENTLY. we always seemed to know the line, and there were only a few kids who were just all-out hellions. kids these days!!

Trophy Life said...

oh, p.s. - there are so many OTHER studies out there showing the decrease in teen pregnancies and the increase in so many other positive things (college attendance, etc) - but it sure doesn't sound like it's any easier in the world of teens right now.

Hurley said...

I didn't even smoke a cigarette until the end of my senior year, and the goal of teenage sex when I was in high school, was to NOT get pregnant! We had 3 people have kids in my 4 years of high school. I guess that's not a lot, but condoms are like $1...