Tuesday, May 6, 2008

To buy or to lease?

My lease is up in September so currently, I am getting ALL kinds of mail with incentives from other dealerships. I think I am going to buy now because I am going to be driving a lot and going over mileage will cost you.

Do you lease or buy? What is better for you?

Car dealerships are going crazy right now trying to sell cars. Today I heard that Chrysler is offering this incentive called "Let's Refuel America." This program offers those who buy or lease a Chrysler product between now and June 2 the ability to never pay over $2.99 per gallon for gas.


Dr. Turtle said...

I'm leasing for the first time right now. I come from parents who don't believe in leasing :)

I think at some point in my life, buying will be the best, but right now, I know that I'm going to want a new car soon, and that's why I think leasing is better. I've got a three year lease, but I know I couldn't afford a three year loan!

M said...

How do they ensure that you don't pay over $2.99? That's interesting.

Louis and Nadja said...

I'm watching it on the news right now. It has to do with a card that you have to use to buy your gas.

Someone at Chrysler is a smarty pants.

Hurley said...

I lease and have leased forever.(I come from leasing parents-I actually get what you mean Dr. T) You can get a better car and the warranty covers everything except tires basically. Iris, I would get a high mileage lease for 36-39 months. You can get 21K or 18K miles and still be affordable. What are you looking into, because my lease is up in September also, and I am up for any suggestions that do not include the words Hyundai, Bug, Saturn, Mercury, or Kia...especially Kia!

Anonymous said...

See....someone else agree that Kia's are a joke!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm with Hurley and Shoes, Kias are definitely frightening.

I've bought all of my cars, but have turned them in early when I wanted new ones. (SO many dealerships will do that.)

C. has leased his last 3 cars and it works REALLY well for him. And Hurley's right - just ensure you get a good mileage agreement. (C. was leasing when he was doing mandatory rack inspecting all over T-town.)

And, if you really fall in love the car - many times you can buy it in the end. (But I've never known ANYONE who's loved their car that much to buy it in the end.)

I think it's time to do some homework and dealer visits. I'm sorry for you - that's the worst.

Iris Took said...

Cars in the running right now are:
Jeep Compass
Jeep Patriot
Ford Escape