Thursday, May 15, 2008

The simple things in life

I found happiness and it cost me $1! Actually, I made my sister buy it for me when we were at Pier 1 recently. Happiness comes in the form of a bamboo back scratcher. No longer do I have to rub up against walls or trees to itch my scratch. No longer do I have to feel like a stump with stumpy short stumps for arms when I can't reach my itch on my back. I love my back scratcher. Go get yourself one.


Trophy Life said...

also, my pug is very scared of this - so it is dual-purpose. Scratches backs and keeps pugs out of trouble.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I own something similar to this. It's from a yard sale in Missouri and my Mom bought 5 for a $1.

I believe mine actually says, "Laclede County Annual Monster Truck Rally 1989"...or something like that.

These little buggers are great.

wrestling kitties said...

I am TOTALLY getting one for my husband today after work. He is always asking me to scratch his back and I apparently never get it right. The conversation goes like this. (um, yeah sorry if this sounds naughty at all)

"Ok, a little to the right, a little more, ok up, no too far back down, to the left just a bit, what are you doing not so hard, ok yeah perfect" When it is all said and done I am so annoyed I am digging into his back with my nails. I think one of these would be fantastic for both of us!

Hurley said...

Wait a minute?!? You mean to tell me that a wooden stick can scratch your back?!? I don't believe you!

Louis and Nadja said...

Iris, yours obviously needs a slogan on it like 2 pretzels.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! i thought for sure you'd use it once and forget about it