Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MAC vs. PC - after research

WOW! Thank you everyone for your passionate responses! They really helped. Yesterday, I visited the MAC Cafe in Toledo and talked to a nice gentleman for about 45 minutes about a MacBook Pro. Overall, here are my concerns about a MAC:

1) Am I going to miss the right click?
2) It is much more costly than getting a PC right now.
3) It is not really "right out of the box." I still have to get Office Suite and extended warranty (totaling another $350).
4) The learning curve (although I am sure that it wouldn't take me long).
5) Compatibility issues with documents to and from PCs.

Right now, I am about 60% PC and 40% MAC. I am going to think about it for another few days and then make a decision. MACs are cooler though :).

I also discovered this company called Tech-Tattoos. They can customize your Apple product (laptop, iPod), any cell phone or gadget really. They will etch a design, your initials, a photo, or a logo onto your item. Go to their site at www.zapyourcrap.com (catchy name, right!).


Hurley said...

Your a moron...this shouldn't even be a debate. Just get the fucking PC and be done with it. THIS IS YOUR FATHER TALKING!

Iris Took said...

YOU'RE a moron! Check your grammar :)

Hurley said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO! I did spell it wrong...the king has takin a fall!

Trophy Life said...

the right click is a SOMEWHAT valid concern...but you can get a wireless mouse, no? i don't miss the right click at all.
i understand the money issue in terms of instant delay of gratification, but a Mac would probably save money over time (won't have to replace it so quickly).
can't help you with the compatibility issues, as i've never really had any.

good luck!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1. You can still right click by pressing "ctrl" and the trackpad button. (At work, I use a wireless mouse, like T.L.)

2. They are DEFINITELY expensive. How about a macbook, instead of a pro?

3. I wish I was there and could get you the office suite for cheaper. (My copy.) You can buy it for $149.999 at Staples. (Don't buy ANYTHING but the Student version. The $350 is a rip-off.)

4.You're right - you'll have virtually no issues with the learning curve.

5. If you work within Microsoft Office you won't have any issues with documents as you work with non-mac users. (I work with 2% mac users and 98% PC users.)

:-) Happy deciding!

Dr. Turtle said...

When I first started using Ry's Mac, the "no right-click" thing was weird, but I got over it...in about 3 minutes. (The two-fingered scroll on the touch pad makes up for that by about a billion)

I can't comment about cost - Ry's is really the school's.

And, you've got to pay for Office regardless, so that can't really be a deciding factor.

Learning curve, schmerning curve. Really, that's almost a null point.

I've yet to have a problem transferring documents back and forth from PC to Mac, neither has Ry.

VeggieMatic said...

I've used OpenOffice.org and, until recently, NeoOffice, instead of Microsoft Office. They're both free and I haven't experienced any incompatibility issues.

You can enable the trackpad to right-click if you tap it with two fingers. It took about 5 minutes to adjust, and I really don't use the click-bar any more.

If you don't need the larger display, the Macbook is a good machine.

Moey said...

AHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAA Hurley! Classic guy grammar mistakes:
your, you're and the dreaded... there, their, they're!

Very funny!

Flav - Good luck with the computer, I'm sure either will be fine... you do have a tendency to be an obsessive crazy lunatic about these kinds of things, but I'm sure it makes you a better consumer in the long run.